About AfroShoot

Created in London in 2016, AfroShoot is a direct response to the under-representation of African and Afro-descent photographers.

Indeed, AfroShoot positions itself as an innovative platform bringing together professional photographers from the African continent and the African diaspora. AfroShoot also works to help them gain visibility and access to new opportunities. While doing so, AfroShoot thrives to bring new narratives to light and shape a new vision of the African continent.

In order to grow and be able to better persue its activities, AfroShoot became a Community Interest Company in 2020.

Main activities

First, our talks aim to create a conversation with photographers and art professionals to promote a different vision of photography with an educative intention.

Secondly, our workshops are designed for photographers at various levels as well as for art enthusiasts.

Finally, our gallery tours are personalised experiences specially tailored to discover photography in a new light.

About AfroShoot's founder, Lisa Aïssaoui

Lisa Aïssaoui is a French-Algerian creative polymath. She is photographer by passion and has previously worked for the 50Golborne Art Gallery in London, while taking a foundation course in World Art History & Issues in Development Studies.
Lisa also had the opportunity to work with Open The Gate- a cultural organisaion promoting African cultures through music & arts - for whom she acted as Public Relation Manager. She has been highly active within the African communities in London and has been involved in various projects.
Lisa has graduated from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS, University of London) in 2016 with a BA in Social Anthropology & African Studies.

About - À Propos -develop projects - développer des projets
About - À Propos -afroShoot communities - communautés AfroShoot
About - À Propos -promote the work - promouvoir le travail

Our narratives

As photographers from a huge continent the diversity of our narratives is immense. We want to share our stories and spread our own visions and experiences of the African continent.

Fostering synergy

We value collaborations between humans and organisations sharing the same vision, because we believe that our strength lies in togetherness and mutual support.

Zoom on Africa

We want our work to redirect the attention on the African continent by collaborating with African artists, but also to stimulate new career interests by working with local organisations to promote photography as a profession.

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