“African Photography”







AfroShoot's Vision

“It's all the same. It's the same face. We always look for an idea, for the same face, for the same position. There is no such thing as a European or an African photography. It's all the same thing.” – Malik Sidibé

Defining African photography is and will always be an uncompleted attempt at defining the world. There is no such thing as African photography indeed. Instead what makes the photographic work by photographers from Africa or its diaspora is the immensity of the plurality of experiences and visions onto and within the world.

What makes our narratives unique?

In AfroShoot’s vision, photography is a shot, a visual weapon. Targeting the subject from a very positioned angle at life, shooting our own understanding of the world, the truth of our existence, our essence and experience. By showing our own truth through an objective medium similar to a gun we are creating our discourse against someone else’s. We are exposing our own narrative.

As African as we are,

Now, another debatable question is to know who is African; indeed it is all about identity but also drawing the vision of the geographic continent with all the differences between us – differences that make us Africans. AfroShoot doesn’t only address to sub-Saharan Africa but to the continent as whole, from the North, West, Central, East & South. It is highly important to stress this point, as we believe in Africa as a very diverse continent as Europe, America & Asia can be, where people have different physiognomies, cultures, stories, struggles and much more.

The significance of the Diaspora

The Diaspora deeply matters to us; but who is the Diaspora? The meaning of the term is the “dispersion or spread of any people from their original homeland”. AfroShoot is interested in the multitude of these stories too as they bring a different spectrum and layers to the dialogue. In today’s world, with migrations resulting from a plural history that affected us we are all over the world and interacting with cultures very divergent from ours, they are a lot of mixed couples generating a new upbringing, new generations raising important questions such as “where do we belong”. These questions are crucial to our world problem solving.

-> Through our lenses of photographers we perceive the world in a contrasting way. In the news or art world we are still unseen / or perceived as commodities while we are trying to convey our own visions and experiences. By thus highlighting what we believe to be our truth, we may open the eyes of the world onto our existence and divert the point of view of the mass.