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Welcome to Afroshoot screen


Barka da zuwa, welcome to our AfroShoot Blog. Are you an academic, or art-lover? Are you a photographer, or photograph-lover? Are you a pan-africanist, an Africa-lover? Do you want to challenge yourself to a different vision of the world? You want to show your own vision that has been hidden to the world? Are you eager to learn? Do feel like creating? Looking for an inspiration through your lens or are you the flame for inspiration that brights up the darkness of the room to produce a clear picture of the world?
AfroShoot is about African Photography. We thought about the blog as something you can directly communicate through with us, also something that could help you capture our souls beyond our writings.
The blog is before all a platform on which we may ask questions, but also provide advice for beginners to advanced photographers, for amateur & professional photographers. Another project is to write reviews related to African Photography events, conduct interviews with photographers exclusive to AfroShoot Blog and much more!

If there is something dear to you related to the world of Photography & Africa, send us your suggestions at: lisa.aissaoui@afroshoot.com

Lisa Aissaoui aka Lhyza Libertad

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