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6 Photographers from Africa or the Diaspora you need to follow

Our Instagram features #MyAfroShootPix whenever we spot a photograph that leaves us stunned. In 2019, 6 photographers from Africa & the Diaspora caught our eyes so far: Oye Diran, John Kalapo, Djibril Drame, Etinosa Yvonne, Lex Ash & Bre'ann White.

Oye Diran

Artist Oye Diran is a Fashion & Fine Art photographer based in New York City, originally born in Lagos, Nigeria. Capturing and evoking raw emotion through imagery, fusing pops of color with detailed motifs that convey the essence of his subjects is Oye Diran's drive." His "Personal Work" is fascinating & beautifully curated on his website. Indeed, it shows a choice of a plain, neutral background to highlight an elegant and yet original beauty of the subject.

John Kalapo

We have been following the work of John Kalapo for a long white at AfroShoot. Photojournalist & Documentary photographer based in Bamako, capital of Mali, Kalapo offers stunning shots from the daily life & news reports. Doing work for World Press Photo, Mali Archive Photo, John has also been producing photo imagery for the renowned  GettyImages.

Djibril Drame

"Appelle-moi l’Aigle ou même si tu veux la Perdrix" 

Originally from Dakar, Senegal, Djibril Drame is now based in the States, LA. Often named as Gadaay (GodEye) Djibril is a visual artist, filmmaker, curator and independent scholar. Drame's work has been quite influential and exhibited all around the world in renowned institutions such as the Somerset House in London for the 1:54 Art Fair. His shots are offering a unique narrative through the reflection of history, cultures, languages, unnumbered stories & lifestyles.

Etinosa Yvonne

We haven't stumbled upon Etinosa's work before the 2019 CAP Prize shortlist. It's all in my head is a very strong work around Conflict in Borno, North East of Nigeria with the ongoing attacks from Boko Haram. Selecting one photo from the series was a difficult task for us as we also believe in it as whole. Stories or faces of people undergoing trauma and reflecting about what has been taken from them and what remained, such as fear.

Lex Ash

With a base in Lagos, Nigeria, Lex Ash is a published photographer, creative director & retoucher. Portraiture is an important component of his photographic work. This particular photograph is entitled "Tell your story even if no one else will. - Obscuris". It is depicting a photographer inside a snow globe hold by himself. The power of the narrative also encompasses our own mission, which is partly the reason why we selected this compelling work as part of #MyAfroShootPix.

Bre'ann White

This particular photograph is called "Unspoken Hierarchy" from the "Definition of Red" series. Be'ann White truly captures forms of hierarchy stabbing through a bright red veil with chains hiding the unspoken. We encourage you to visualize the full series on her Instagram. As a nationally-renowned photographer, White specializes in E-Commerce, Brand Content, Social Media Content, Editorials, and Event Photography.