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Discover who are the African and African descent photographers from the AfroShoot community and learn about their work.

Our network of photographers

Building a community of African photographers

At AfroShoot we are building a community of African and African descent photographers. We do so because we believe African photography artists can only thrive through collaboration and exchange of experiences. Thus, we are creating a network of akin photographers willing to grow together as professionals and also as a community.

Our network is compound of professionals and emerging talents photographers from Africa and its diaspora. Their work covers a wide range of fields within the art of photography. You can discover the members of the AfroShoot community and their work below.

Current members of the AfroShoot network

Join our community of African photographers

AfroShoot is looking to develop its network of photographers from Africa or its diaspora worldwide. If you are a photographer and would like to be part of our community, get in touch with us by writing at or send your application via the form.


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