Bodies of The Earth


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Bodies of the Earth

From 2nd October 2017 to 30th March 2018 at Alison Richard Building, Centre of African Studies, Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK

Featuring photographers Ussi'n Yala, Gabon and Rachid Tagoulla, Morocco


Artists exhibited

Ussi'n Yala

Ussi’n Yala started his career in photography at the age of 21. At this point, he was managing a Gabonese community on Instagram of which the aim was to share photographs of people’s portraits. Ussi’n started offering his photographic services in order to allow people to see themselves appear on the page.

At about the same time, Ussi’n was hired as a photographer by a Gabonese magazine. Gradually Ussi’n developed his photography skills, from portrait photography to event photography, and from event photography to street photography. The young photographer’s work “Pink Albinos” was exhibited for the first time at the African Art Fair in Paris, through digital gallery of contemporary African Art, Moadiga. Ussi’n now resides in Paris, France.

As a street photographer, Ussi’n Yala walked the streets of Libreville to find inspiration, and capture images. What he loved above all were the portraits he was taking of people – mostly children, along the beaches of Gabon. In the photo series « Shadows of water », Ussi’n tries to capture the link between people and the water. This immense watery universe, spread across the surface of our planet, so close to us, frequented often, but still hiding countless mysteries.







Rachid Tagoulla

Rachid Tagoulla is a professional photographer from Agadir, Morocco. Part of the Photography Club in Agadir, he has participated in, curated, and organized many exhibitions. Very much involved as an educator and mentor, he has also facilitated photography workshops. His work has been exhibited in Morocco, France, and Germany. Furthermore, the young multi-talented photographer has received awards from many organizations across the globe including Morocco, the UK, and Kuwait.

In “Bodies of Nature” Rachid depicts the immensity of the Sahara desert, one of the most prominent entities of nature in Africa – most especially North Africa. The Sahara is home to the Amazigh people, some are travelling the land in caravans, others are working with the land around the oasis.